Adgility Waist

Aspirateur Adgility pour nettoyer les endroits difficiles d’accès. Idéal pour salle de spectacles, avion et bus.

L’aspirateur Adgility pour la taille se porte à la ceinture. Sans fatigue, il n’exerce de tensions ni sur le dos, ni les épaules. Grâce à sa conception ergonomique et à son poids ultra léger, il est idéal pour le nettoyage des endroits difficiles d’accès et en hauteur. Malgré sa taille, il est extrêmement productif

L’ aspirateur dorsal Adgility pour la taille s’utilise parfaitement dans les théâtres, cinémas, magasins, bus, avions (version spécifiques), locaux exigus, escaliers et échaffaudages et les éléments en hauteur : rayonnages, meubles etc…

Disponible avec une large gamme d’options : filtre HEPA, embouts spéciaux, pré-séparateur.

    • Ultra léger, 2,9kg, idéal pour locaux étroits et éléments en hauteur
    • Rayon d’action important, 15m de câble
    • Ergonomique : pas de tension ni de fatigue et conçu pour droitier ou gaucher
    • Stockage des accessoires dans la ceinture
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Adgility Waist


The Adgility™ backpack hip vacuum is lightweight, compact, and ergonomically shaped to maximize operator agility and cleaning ability.
At 6.4 pounds, the Adgility vacuum can be worn for extended periods of time without causing fatigue or muscle tension. Its small size and light weight allows the user to be more productive in tight areas, such as cubicles and commercial office space.

Adgility has 25% more power than any machine in its class, which means better pick-up for increased productivity and deeper cleaning. Its powerful 1,000-watt motor is quiet enough for daytime cleaning without disturbing building occupants.

The Adgility vacuum features three levels of filtration and an optional H.E.P.A. filter for improved indoor air quality. The machine includes a 12-inch combination floor tool to provide dual surface cleaning for both hard and soft floors. In addition, the rotating dust brush enables the bristles to be turned to the correct angle, ensuring maximum cleaning.

Adgility was built with operator comfort in mind. Its padded waist belt includes loops to hold the crevice tool and dust brush, keeping them handy when on the go. We eliminated the need for shoulder straps, making it easier for the operator to bend over to pick up trash, larger debris, and perform other tasks while vacuuming. The bent wand is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The Adgility vacuum’s patented, curved back conforms to the user’s body and provides greater comfort than competing designs.

    • Padded belt is adjustable for operators comfort
    • May be flipped over for operation by left or right handed users
    • 50-foot cord provides increased productivity as less time is spent changing outlets
    • Light weight makes it easier to use and reduces operator fatigue
    • Optional H.E.P.A. filter for better indoor air quality and low sound level make daytime cleaning an option
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